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Fallout 76 Full Conversion Mods - complete overhauls Fallout 76 Appalachia.
These unique mods make vast visual improvements. The mods bring in a whole new flora into Fallout 76 and make it look like a new game. Fallout 76 Screenshot Gallery.

Age of Solstice & Nuclear Summer

video by lethdharkar

Nuclear Summer

Rich and vivid nature overhaul for Fallout76. Radioactive crazy vegetation. Psychedelic version.
Fallout 76 Mod Nuclear Summer
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Global Warming

New Vegas cactus desert, cypress forest and jungle The radioactive warming spreads the desert to Appalachia. Nostalgic version.
Fallout 76 Mod Global Warming
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Age of Solstice

Realistic flora overhaul for Fallout76. Aspens and pines. Rich grass and flowers. Immersive lifelike version.
Fallout 76 Mod Age of Solstice
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